10 Common House Cat Breeds
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10 Common House Cat Breeds

Some of the most common breeds of domestic/house cats are listed below.


The Persian cats originated from Iran and it is one of the most favorite pedigreed breed of cats. They are characterized by short, broad bodies with long hairs which need to be groomed every day. They are affectionate and gentle cats. They are responsive and charmingly communicate with their attractive big eyes and melodious voice. They come in over a fifty different shades and patterns, the most common being white, brown, cream and black.

British short hair

The British short hair originated from the United Kingdom and is characterized by densely coated short hair, large eyes and a sturdy body. They are medium sized and get along well with everyone in the household including humans, dogs, birds or any other pets. They are friendly, mature slowly and take a minimum of three years to attain full size and growth. They are usually called blue cats but they come in different colors and patterns. The breeders sell the kittens when they are twelve-sixteen weeks old because it is believed that the kittens start bonding with humans only around that age.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon, a large breed cat, is a native of United States of America which later on became the state cat for the region of Maine. These cats amused people with their mousing talents and they were fondly called as gentle giants or farm cats. They are robust and capable of withstanding any weather including harsh snows. Their feet and paws are developed in such a way that they are able to easily walk on top of snow. They are characterized by long hairs and a furry, well developed tail. They don’t have a dense coat which makes grooming easy.


The Siamese cats are believed to have descended from the temple cats in Siam, now called as Thailand. They have a finely sculpted head, deep blue eyes, muscular body with long legs, neck and tail and a silky soft skin coat. They come in four different color shades: seal brown, chocolate, lilac and blue. These cats communicate in a very fabulous voice. They are known for their intelligence and loving nature.


The Ragdoll is a cross breed that originated from USA. These cats were first bred by Ann Baker in Riverside, California. She chose cats with a gentle, loving nature, magnificent long coats and three different patterns: color point, mitted and bi-color. She named the resulting breed as Ragdoll due to its tendency to happily hop into the arms of anyone who picked it up. The female cats weigh between 5-7 kilograms and the male weighs above 9 kilograms. These cats can be easily trained as they are well behaved. They love to greet you at the door and even plays fetch with you. Since they don’t have a dense undercoat they require less grooming.


The Burmese cats have originated from Burma. They were bred with the Siamese cats in the United States of America. They were first available in a solid brown color, but now they can be seen in a variety of other colors like Platinum, blue and champagne. They require less grooming as they have a short silky undercoat. A lot of dog characteristics can be seen in these cats. They are friendly, affectionate, playful, less demanding and loyal. They love to snuggle and be wherever you are.

Bengal cat

The origin of the domestic Bengal cats dates back to its non-domestic ancestors. A domestic cat was bred with a non-domestic spotted Leopard Cat from Asia. This was the first effort at a hybrid species, though now the Bengal cats are bred with other Bengal cats. It belongs to the family of large cats and is often seen in a rich color with vivid spots or peculiar marbling. Underneath that elegant patterned coat, the Bengal cats have well-built muscles. They are intelligent, inquisitive, strong and loyal companions.

Exotic short hair

It looks very similar to Persians but it has short hair. Persians require high maintenance and grooming daily because of their long hairs. For those who don’t have the time but would love to have a cat similar to the Persians, then it’s definitely the best to opt for exotic short hair. They are playful and friendly just like the other cats. They are less demanding and don’t affect your privacy in any way. It has a dense, smooth, silky, soft and short coat that gives it a teddy bear like appearance.


The origin of the Abyssinian cats is still under debate, though the recent genetic evidences show that they might be from the coastal regions of the Indian Ocean and Southeastern parts of Asia. They are medium sized and weigh about 3-5 kilograms. This breed loves to climb higher and play harder. They are an energetic breed of cats as they are always in motion and look like they never sleep. It has a ticked coat pattern resembling wild cats, a graceful muscular body, wedge shaped head with broad ears. They are most commonly seen in brown, blue, fawn and red colors.


A Bombay cat was bred to look like a miniature panther with copper colored eyes, black and short haired. It was developed in the USA and the name is inspired from the black Indian leopard. The breed was developed by crossing the sable Burmese with black American short hairs. Though the breed is very mischievous, it can be leash trained like a dog and enjoys playing with its owner. They are very similar to the Burmese cats except the color.