How can I avoid Global Warming?
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How can I avoid Global Warming?

Good planets are hard to find. So, it’s now time to try and minimize the effects of Global Warming, if avoiding it is not easily possible. Listed below are some of the simpler steps which you can follow and help in reducing the environmental issues.

  • Plant a tree. It is the best gift we can give back to our planet. Trees provide oxygen, cleans the air, saves water, cools the Earth’s temperature, prevent soil erosion and a lot more.
  • The less we depend on fossil fuels, the better for us and the environment.
  • Try to grow your own food by practicing sustainable agriculture. Whatever the little things you grow is very beneficial for your health too.
  • Make sure to follow the 3R principles. It’s like the CPU of a computer.
  • Try using public transport instead of your own vehicles or consider car pooling.
  • Try to walk or cycle to a nearby place which is also a good fitness program for you.
  • Water may well be the money in future, so save it by whatever possible ways you can.
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of normal bulbs.
  • Conserve all the natural resources as their consumption rate is much higher where as only limited resources are available.
  • Do not forget to turn-off your computers whenever it’s not in use for a long time.
  • Brush and shave without a running tap.
  • Use low-flush toilets as they use significantly use less water than a full-flush toilet.
  • Switch to low-flow shower heads which can decrease water consumption by more than 30%. It in turn helps in conserving electricity as well.
  • Proper vehicle maintenance will reduce the air pollution and fuel consumption.
  • Plan any possible green event. It can be fun when many of the like-minded people are together.

There are already a few people who support Go Green. Still, do I have to do it?

Little drops make the mighty ocean, doesn’t it? Even a minimal contribution by each and everyone counts a lot when it comes to minimizing the effects of global warming.

We’ve to be noble here and give back to the planet any possible things which we’re able to. Understand that too many things are already accomplished when we were born. Now the planet needs us and it’s our time to give it back.

                                                      Yes, our Planet needs us now!