How to be a good dog owner
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How to be a good dog owner

In order to be good dog owner, it will take more time and patience but your dog in turn shows up with lots of love and affection. There are few things that good dog owner do includes taking the dog to vegetarians for regular checkup, teaching your dog some basic obedience command, taking your dog for walking, providing with good foods, giving your dog bath & brush and providing plenty of fun toys. Below are the steps that have to follow to be a good dog owner:

1. Regular checkup with veterinarian:

It is always good to check with the veterinarian when you bought your dog for the first time in order to make sure it is healthy. It is good practice to check with veterinarian every one year for checkup and makes them to live long and healthier. If there is any health issue for your dog then taking it to the veterinarian immediately for avoiding any further health related problem.

2. Never hit your Dog:

From training perspective and also from human perspective it is always bad to hit your dog. Hitting him will never solve your problem at any costs. If you started hitting him then your dog is afraid of you and never comes to you. Always show your dog love and train them patience and compassion.

3. Supply better dog food:

Nothing could be more important than food and water for your pet. The amount and feeding frequency will depend on the size and weight of your dog. It is good to check with your veterinarian what kind of food, quantity and frequency that your dog needs. In general adult dog needs food once in a day and the quantity depends on its weight. But the dog less than 1 age needs food more frequently and puppies need it 5 times a day.

You can also refer to the weight charts on dog food packages that indicate how much food your dog needs each day.

4. Access to fresh water:

Dogs need plenty of fresh clean water to drink every day. It needs more during hot and summer season. It is necessary to keep a clean bowl with fresh water for accessing frequently.

5. Wash your Dog:

It is always good to bath your dog to prevent any infection from spreading. Use dog’s shampoo while bathing. Wash your dog’s fur with a spray hose or a pitcher but don’t wash the area around eyes, ears and nose. After the bath praise and treat your dog to know that it is important for him/her.

6. Brush your dog’s teeth:

Brushing your dog once in a day will prevent from problems with tooth decay and gum disease as your dog ages. Dental problems in dogs don’t mean just yellow teeth and bad breath. If it is a bad breath than it denotes there is excess bacteria causing the problem. As a result of poor dental hygiene, there is a chance of affection your dog’s heart, kidneys, and liver. Get a special dog tooth brush and tooth paste for cleaning.

7. Cutting of Dog’s nail:

It is good to cut your dog’s nail using special dog’s clipper. Cutting the nail will prevent from hurting itself and also prevent damaging the couch. You have to be more cautious while cutting the nails. You should not cut too far down as this area is very sensitive and also hurt your dog.

8. Take them longer walk:

Dogs require daily exercise to be healthy and happy. Make an effort to take him walk every day. Although sometimes you are probably just too tired after a day’s work to go out and play fetch with your dog, just taking longer walks will help you be a better dog owner.

Depending on your dog’s energy level decide how much exercise does your dog needs for a day.

9. Play more with your dog:

All dogs love to run and chase things .It is important to play with them every day to prevent it from developing bad behavior. Take your dog outside every day for a game of fetch or play tug of war.

Tie a string to the end of a long stick, and then tie a soft stuffed animal onto the string. Hang it in front of your dog to catch their eye contact and attention. To make it even more interesting, stuff it with a treat or rub it with the scent of a treat or food.

Remember that even older dogs want to have some decent quality time with their owner, even if they’re not as active as they used to be. Just be aware that the things you’re doing stimulate your dog’s body and mind every day to prevent boredom.

10. Training your Dog:

Good dog owner will put lots of effort to train their dog some basic obedience commands. Just as every new human member of a household must be trained properly to behave in the house the same goes to dogs also. By their nature, dogs are pack animals with a well-defined social order. It wants to please you most of the times. For that, it has to be trained properly. A well-trained dog makes all of you happy in the house. It will take some time to do so.

Though the basic training makes him to think that you are the leader and not like him. So in teaching him the basic training, you take on the role of pack leader. Puppies usually sense our level of confident and it will take control if we found to be weakened. When this happened, it will develop bad behavior such as excessive barking, chewing, leash-pulling, or anxiety.

So it is important to praise for good behavior and ignore for others.

11. Provide them with toys:

It is good to provide your dog with some toys to make your dog to be happy and prevent from developing bad habits. Some good options of toys are rope toys, tennis balls, chew toys etc.

12. Provide them with soft spot to sleep every night:

Good dog owner don’t make their dg to sleep on the bare floor or outside of their house. Make sure you have a warm and dry place for your dog to sleep in. Make sure your dog feels comfortable in the space they are sleeping in and the living space must be clean and suitable for the size of your dog. Wash the blanket regularly to keep it clean and dry.

13. Don’t leave them alone in cars:

It is always difficult to plan ahead so as to avoid situations of leaving your pets in a car by themselves. Even for a short period of time, this practice is still too dangerous and unfair to the dog. They can quickly freeze in cold temperature during winter and seriously suffer in summer.

14. Give them their own space:

Dogs love to have their own place. Dogs really like to know there’s always something that belongs to them: it could be just a small mat in the corner of your living room, a cozy dog crate, or a huge dog house somewhere in the backyard.

15. License your dog:

In most countries, it’s already the law that requires for you to license your dog, so be a better dog owner by becoming a law-abiding citizen. License tags will have a special number assigned to them, which helps to find the owner when a lost dog is found.

In most countries, it’s already the law that requires for you to license your dog, so be a better dog owner by becoming a law-abiding citizen. License tags will have a special number assigned to them, which helps to find the owner when a lost dog is found.