How to choose a dog breed
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How to choose a dog breed

In order to choose the appropriate dog breed that matches your lifestyle, first thing is set aside any preference you have for a particular breed. Mostly, we will decide to choose based on the appearance but it may not match the dog's attitude, temperament, size, and activity level with your family, your home, and the amount of time you have to spend with your pet.

Always choose the breed that is bright, alert and playful. A professional dog breeder is a friendly, helpful guide for singles and families to have good friend to be a part of their home.

Requirement to be considered before choosing a breed:

The best way to choose a dog breed is to ask yourself if you are able to provide him the requirement he needs. Try to collect more information about the dog breed and meet breeders or owners to know more about the breed that you are choosing to buy.

Energetic level:

If you’re buying the dog to do some specific tasks such as guarding, hunting or driving should possesses high energy level. This kind of breed will be happy to learn new things and have physical activity with you.


It is the most important aspect if you consider buying a dog. Since there’re so many breeds some may be known to have good obedience. There are many breeds which are very obedient with the human beings.


All the Dogs require safe environment and prevention from hazards. By providing with the comfortable, cozy and safe environment at home will make him happy, healthy and secured. Dogs are the packed animals and you are the leader so keeping the dog indoor will make him happy which makes outdoor dogs to be more stressed because it is separated from leader for long period. Some dogs may be uncomfortable to be indoor so choose the dog breed can manage with your environment.

There are several questions to ask yourself before choosing a breed:

What is the Dog size you expect?

It is the important thing to be considered before choosing a breed. Small breed may be less than some 15inches while large breed will grow up to 4 feet. If living in an apartment choose breed that require less spaces.

How long is the dog’s coat to be?

The coat size is of long, medium and short. If it is long it may require time to groom the breed and also shed more noticeably. The bigger the dog, more hair it sheds as well.

What would be the energy level?

Many dogs require exercise daily, but some may require more than other. It is important to choose the breed that matches your energy level. Guarding, hunting or driving has high level of energy

How sociable it would be?

Some of the breeds are sociable and move good with the large families. Other breeds are independent and scared of strangers. So it is important to look for this factor.

What characteristic you want and don’t want?

Other things to be considered include slavering, shedding, barking and howling and odor of the dog.

How long will it take to train?

All the dogs are trainable. But some may require more training to make him listen to your commands. If you’re interested in training that it is more enjoyable.

Also consider the following question before choosing a Dog breeds:

  • How is he around kids?
  • Do you have to take him to a professional groomer?
  • Has he ever had any health problems?
  • How old is he expected to live?
  • Does he need a yard?

If you have answered the above questions then it will be easy to choose a breed that is suitable for you and your family. Also you can use online dog breed selector to help you decide. The dog breed selector will help you make the right choice about the next member of your family.