Importance of trees
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Importance of trees

Trees play a very important role in our lives. They indeed are our best friends. A monumental change has been occurring, from pollution to various health diseases such as Asthma, other respiratory problems and even cancer, due to the large cutting down of trees daily. The disappearance of trees directly affects us and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help stop or at least reduce the disappearance of trees.

Why to plant a tree?

Trees provide oxygen, cleans the air, saves water, cools the Earth’s temperature, prevent soil erosion and a lot more.

Do you know?

Around 2.5 millions of trees are cut down every day which equals 29 trees per second. Please think about it.

Now we shall see the significant benefits of trees and understand their utmost importance.

Trees provide oxygen. Oxygen is not just an element in the periodic table but component of the air which helps us in respiration. Without oxygen, our cells would die. Thus is the significant of trees which provides us oxygen to breathe.

Trees save water. Trees are a vital source in help saving the water. One such way is it slows down/prevents water evaporation with their shades in a hot sunny day.

Trees help prevent soil erosion. Trees reduces water runoff, holds soil and sediment deposits after storms. Thus helps in fighting soil erosion.

Trees provide food. The best and well-known significance of trees are that they are rich source of food provider. Many living things such as birds, animals etc as well benefits from trees.

Trees clean the soil and air. Trees filter sewage, farm chemicals and reduce the effects of animal wastes, and clean water runoff into streams. Also, it absorbs odours, pollutant gases and filter particulates out of the air.

By looking at the above uses of trees, we can easily understand its rich and healthy contribution towards our lives. They are essential in almost all the essential basic needs for us, such as – to breathe, eat and drink.

There are other major uses of trees, given below, which are also vital in our day-to-day activities.

  • Provides shade
  • Provides wood
  • Increases property values
  • Combats climate changes
  • Marks the season
  • Controls noise pollution

Many other social, ecological, environmental and even spiritual values associated with trees makes them a human’s best friend for their lifetime.