Know important WH questions of Go Green (What is Gogreen, why Gogreen)
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Know important WH questions of Go Green (What is Gogreen, why Gogreen)

What is Go Green?

If you’re reading this article, then it means that you’ve lived in this environment and enjoyed its limitless benefits so far – from natural resources to anything you use from the environment for your own use. So, naturally, it’s our responsibility to give back something to the environment. It only helps our future generation to live in a healthy and safe environment.

Why Go Green?

If you start now, your future generation will have a safer and healthier environment as you had when you were a child. A clean and safe environment is a basic requirement for your children to be healthy. Life, in many ways, won’t be easier for anyone without a safer environment. If you do not start taking little steps now, then you will be forced to take actions later.

When Go Green?

Start now. If you see, we’re already very late. There is never a right time to start something good – whether it is to you or to the environment.

There are enough GoGreen practices given in this site that you can start from your home. Following 3R policies, adopting pollution prevention policies helps to reduce the negative effects on the environment.

Where Go Green?

Start from yourself. Consider all the possible ways you can do from your side to help the environment. Then educate your family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours about the importance of Go green initiative. Ask them to participate or conduct any Go Green events – planting trees, watering trees, car pooling, 3R principles and any method to conserve energy and natural resources.

If you could follow all the Go Green principles in your home, then try to choose a nearby locality you think is the most polluted area. Go there with your Go Green supporters and educate them about the importance of this initiative.

Educating others always helps as the news spreads around soon and people try to understand the significant benefits of the initiative.

How Go Green?

Enough principles and articles are given in this site to educate you on how easily you can follow or adopt the Go Green principles – 3R practices, planting trees and preventing pollution. Most of the methods are easy and can be followed in your day to day lives easily which helps to save our environment and provide a safer place for the future.

Understand that even as an individual you can bring in vital contribution that helps protecting our nature for the future. A forum page is also created in this site for Go Green, Please utilize it with your friends to help educate, conduct Go Green events and initiatives.