Land or Soil Pollution
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Land or Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is one of the major problems of today. Because it is polluted by us increasingly that prevents natural growth and balance in the land whether it is used for cultivation, habitation, or wildlife preserve.

This adversely affect the quality of soil and health those living on it.

Some of the causes of soil pollution are as follows:

  • All that plastic and dirt that you throw on the ground dirties the land.
  • Industrial wastes, such as pesticides, insecticides, gasses and chemicals related to agriculture, even fertilizers.
  • Fuel leakages from automobiles, which get mixed with rain water and enter into the soil.
  • Non-sustainable farming practices, which includes the heavy use of inorganic pesticides. Also the unfavorable and harmful irrigation practices.
  • Acid rain can change the structure of the soil which could dissolve away some of the important nutrients found in soil.
  • Household dumping and littering.
  • Leakages from sanitary sewage.
  • Deforestation is a major cause for soil erosion where soil particles are carried away by rain water causes important nutrients to loss.

This contamination can lead to reduce yield and also poor growth of crops, soil erosion and also loss of wildlife habitat.