Reason or mistakes for not gaining weight
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Reason or mistakes for not gaining weight

Here are some common mistakes you do which results in not gaining weight.

Not getting enough calories:

Most of the people have their mind set like they have to be on diet while doing workouts to grow muscles. They will only eat food with fewer calories. Lack of calories may lead to weight loss and as a result, muscles will not grow as well.

Muscles always require certain amount of nutrients such as protein, fat and carbohydrates to grow. So it is always better to take required calories which in turn will help you to improve & build your muscles. Consumption of required calories will help you to become bigger and stronger.

Calculate your body metabolic rate and know your body’s required calories.

Not eating right foods:

Eating excess amount of calories and workouts will help you grow your muscles. But without eating the right foods, your muscle will not grow. Also do try to take multiple meals in a day. The correct proposition of foods are,

  • 20% of fat
  • 30% of protein
  • 50% of carbohydrates

Not eating enough proteins:

Protein contains amino acids which helps you to achieve muscle building goals. Proteins are high in chicken, egg, fish, etc. Amino acids proposition differ from each source, so it is advisable to take multiple food items.

Many weight lifters fail to take required amount of protein for their workouts.

Inconsistency and do not train with intensity:

Some folks will do heavy workouts and eat unhealthy foods which may not give you the expected results. Few people won’t be punctual to workouts. Your workouts or weight lifting should be beyond your normal capacity because lifting too light weight will not help you to grow your muscles.

Proper healthy diets and regular workouts may help you to become bigger and stronger.

Do take rest:

To grow your muscles, rest is more important as your workouts. Lack of sleep may breakdown your muscles. Your muscles will grow while resting your body. Many people think that muscles grow while doing workouts in gym but the fact is that it will grow while resting.

Improper rest and sleep will not allow your muscles to grow.

Bad exercise technique:

Almost everyone knows the right exercise but they will do that in wrong way. If you are new to the gym then get assist by your personal trainer. If you don’t have personal trainer, checkout online video and know how to do it more effectively. Don’t copy what others doing in gym. It is recommended to workouts 3-4 days a week.

Not training your legs:

Leg training is hard but it’s required one because muscled upper body and thin legs won’t look good. Almost all the new lifters will concentrate more on arms, check, biceps and trying to get 6 packs. It will also important to try your legs to get good physique.


It’s a common mistake while doing workouts. Sometimes people concentrate on hard workouts and forget to drink water. It’s very important to be hydrated all the time. Dehydration may lead to several health problems.

So drink enough water before going for workouts.