Reuse in 3 Rs and Guidelines
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Reuse in 3 Rs and Guidelines

The second R in the three R's is the Reuse which is one of the best ways to prevent waste. Manufacturing a new product will drain our natural resources, increase pollution and also leads to a lot of unwanted wastes. Instead of buying new products, try to reuse the existing product as much as possible before replacing it. Also, try to avoid non-reusable products like paper plates and any natural resources. Reusing the product is economic and it provides a safe environment.


  • Do not buy any products unless you need them very much.
  • Use reusable containers rather than plastic wrap.
  • Repair broken appliances instead of replacing them.
  • Try to avoid using plastic bags, if not, at least reuse those bags as much as possible.
  • Bring cloth sacks, Carry bags and water bottles while going out instead of taking new plastic bags or news paper or plastic water bottles.
  • Try to store food in reusable plastic containers.
  • Reusable lunch bags to take your lunch to school or work are the great ways to less on creating waste.
  • Use silverware as much as possible instead of disposable plastic utensils.