Taking newborn out in public
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Taking newborn out in public

Many congratulations for if you’re looking in to this page as you would definitely be up for giving some good news soon. Or you might already have one. Time and again you might have been wondering for the huge number of advice given to you by many sources, including your partner, family members, friends and many a websites these days on various topics about a newborn. It all would only have increased your confusions as you wouldn’t be provided any straight or Boolean answers.

Yes. It’s such an important phase of your life with your cute little newborn. We, as a group, understood this and felt that it’s a social responsibility to educate you with the thousands of inputs given to us by the now – new and old MOTHERS.

When can I take my newborn out in public?

Relax. There is no medical answer to this question. It is only your own preference of taking her out in public. A vital thing is that you should limit her exposure to germs. It includes, but not limited, to stay away from sick people and avoid them touching or breathing on your baby.

So as long as you both (mom and baby) are comfortable in going out, it shouldn’t matter. Perhaps it is good in a way that it helps you to get some fresh air.

Precautionary measures:

Please keep in mind the below precautionary measures if you’re planning to go out with your baby.

  • Keep an eye on the temperature – Do not go out when it’s too hot or cold.
  • Ask people to wash their hands first before touching or holding your baby.
  • Make sure that your baby is appropriately dressed when you go outdoors.
  • Avoid crowds
  • Stay away from sick people
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Do not forget to keep nappies, extra clothes, and breastfeeding accessories with you.