Water Pollution
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Water Pollution

Water pollution happens when toxic substances such as chemical, particulate, or bacterial matter enter water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans & so on and contaminate them. It doesn’t hurt just human being but also hurts animals as well.

Contaminated water leads to stomach sickness and many people die from the sickness.

Some of the major sources of water pollutions are:

  • One of the major causes is animal waste that enters into stream and ponds.
  • Decay of organic material in water bodies.
  • City sewage and industrial waste discharge.
  • Due to the improper waste disposal and littering.
  • Mining is also a cause as it releases metal waste and sulphides from the rocks into water.
  • Marine dumping is also the major cause of water pollution.
  • Oil spill is one of the major concerns when it enters into the water bodies won’t be getting dissolved for many years.

Due to the above contamination, causes decrease in the quantity of drinking water, also results in water scarcity for crop irrigation and also impacting wild life & fish that in needs of water for survival.