Ways to Prevent Pollution
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Ways to Prevent Pollution

Introduction of harmful substances into the environment either directly or indirectly will contaminate the air, water, land and soil and is commonly referred to as pollution.

There are several pollutions which comes from different sources and have different consequences. If you understand the basics, then you can also contribute in reducing the danger to the environment.

Pollution types:

Below are some of the types of pollution which affects the environment.

Air pollution:

Any contamination of the environment that disturbs the natural composition in air is called as air pollution.

Water Pollution:

Water pollution happens when toxic substances such as chemical, particulate, or bacterial matter enter water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans & so on and contaminate them.

Land or Soil pollution:

Soil pollution is one of the major problems of today. Because it is polluted by us increasingly that prevents natural growth and balance in the land whether it is used for cultivation, habitation, or wildlife preserve.

Easy ways to prevent pollution:

One of the biggest reasons for pollution is the population growth in the country. This is why it is everyone’s social responsibility to reduce the pollution. There are many easy ways in which you can reduce or prevent pollution.

Most of these steps can be started right from your homes. Please have a look and then educate others about the same if possible.

  • Use public transportation whenever possible
  • Run washing machines and dishwashers only on full load
  • Keep your automobiles well tuned and maintained
  • Turn off any appliances and lights when you leave the room
  • Buy rechargeable batteries for frequently used devices
  • Reduce or quit smoking
  • Wash clothes with warm or cold water instead of hot water
  • Join or start a carpool
  • Don’t litter in or near any water sources
  • Buy organic food
  • Use reusable cloth grocery bags
  • Consolidate your trips
  • Consider using solar energy at home whenever possible
  • Never use open fires to dispose off the wastes
  • Avoid using pesticides

Plant more trees. This will help reducing pollution to a large extent. It’s also useful in many other ways – combats climate change, cleans air, prevents soil erosion and a lot more.