Ways to reduce electricity Usage
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Ways to reduce electricity Usage

Literally we cannot do anything without electricity these days. It is that sort of a place we’re living in; where we can hardly eat, drink or even get the basic necessities without electricity. Hence, it becomes an important aspect to save electricity by whatever means we can, starting right from our homes. A question now in everyone’s mind is how much electricity I alone can save? Will that really help?

The answer is YES. It does really matter. Saving electricity by any possible means is not only good for you and your future, but also for the environment. Not to forget that it also cuts off your electricity bills.

A few easy ways that you could possibly do and follow to save electricity are listed below:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Whenever you leave a room, please do not forget to turn off the lights or any unnecessary electrical appliances.
  • Unplug electrical appliances when you are not using them. Some appliances never actually turn off; they are still consuming power in a standby power mode.
  • Use natural lighting as much as you can. You can easily reduce the electricity usage by using natural light. Just open up your curtains and let the sunshine in whenever possible.
  • Turn off heaters and coolers when unnecessary. Use only when you require these appliances. Sometimes, habitually we turn these on whenever we’re at home.
  • Wear the right clothes at the right time. Even this can help cut down the use of electricity. Wonder how? Wearing woolen clothes in winter helps you to keep warm. This means you may not need to use the heater.
  • Run full loads in washing machines & dishwashers. It helps in a great way to save both water and electricity. Using these appliances often consumes more power unnecessarily.
  • Avoid screensavers in your computers. Screensavers use more power. Therefore put your computer in sleep mode whenever you’re away from it.
  • Try to install a solar water heater. It’s one the best ways to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). It is the most energy efficient bulb. It uses less power per unit of light generated and also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and lower electricity bills.
  • Shut down a computer when you are away from it for more than an hour. An average of 5 watts of power is consumed by a computer in sleep mode.
  • These are the easy and effective ways you could try in your home and can reduce the consumption of electricity.