What happens if I suddenly stop my workout?
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What happens if I suddenly stop my workout?

Quitting your workouts suddenly may have some complications throughout your body. It is advisable to consult your physician once before you start and stop doing workouts.

Your blood glucose will spike:

In general, your body glucose will increase after every meal. While doing workouts, your body muscles need more energy, so the sugar will be sucked by muscles and tissues. After you stop doing exercises, your muscle won’t suck so much sugar so that blood glucose levels will not reduce. It will always be high and can result in type-2 diabetes and the risk of heart diseases is also high.

If you start doing workouts again within a week, everything will come back to normal.

Your blood pressure increases:

In just 2 weeks after you stop workout, your blood vessels will start adapting to slower blood flow and the blood pressure will increase. In other words, blood pressure is directly propositional to your body sweating.

Once you start doing workouts, then your body blood pressure may reduce and blood starts to flow normally. Within a week, your blood vessel will start functioning more effectively.

Getting winded fast:

After you stop doing hard workouts, within the next two to three weeks, you will start gasping for breath even for small activities. This is because you lose mitochondria which converts oxygen into energy.

Starting your workouts again will rebuild mitochondria in muscle cells.

Weight gain or lose your shape:

Once you stop doing workouts, your muscle loses the capacity to burn fat. In case you are taking more calories than burning, it will result in weight gain and slowly you will lose your shape. Don’t let yourself to gain weight because it is very hard to reduce.

Your muscles wither:

Your body muscles will start losing its strength after you stop doing your regular workouts. In order to maintain your muscle strength, you need to exercise regularly. It helps you to keep fit and healthy. In any case, please try to avoid quitting your workouts suddenly.

If you’re really in a position to stop exercising, then please make sure that you are maintaining your muscles by doing regular exercises or yoga and following regular healthy diet which will help you to avoid unnecessary weight gain.