What is Global warming?
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What is Global warming?

Global warming is the rise in average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans and its related effects. It is mainly due to the effect of greenhouse gases, deforestation, which traps heat inside the Earth.

Chances are that Earth's temperature is projected to rise 4 - 10 degrees F over the next century. Climate change could be enormously disruptive and spreading diseases if not taken necessary steps to eradicate it.

Earth's climate is mostly influenced by the first 6 miles or so of the atmosphere which contains most of the matter making up the atmosphere. It means that the chances are extremely that humans can influence the Earth’s climate

The greenhouse gases play a significant role in protecting the earth from rapid loss of heat during the night hours. Contradicting to the above statement, it’s believed now that the high concentrations of these gases are causing an overall warming of the global climate. Scientists are now pursuing strategies to reduce the rise in concentrations of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Global Warming is not cool.