Why is sleep so important?
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Why is sleep so important?


Sleep has three main functions – Body releases important hormones, cells repairs themselves and brain recharges. In our busy lives, most of us are not giving ourselves enough time to rest our body which includes not giving the right amount of sleep it requires to do the three important functions. It tends to affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others. Thus sleep plays an important role in your physical health. Doctors around the world recommend seven to nine hours of good -quality sleep a night to function properly.

How much sleep is essential?

Researchers say that a good sleep is very much essential to survive. An average adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep needs vary across different age groups and are impacted by one’s lifestyle and health. Children and teens may need even more. One best way to figure out if you get the right amount of sleep is to evaluate how you feel as you go about your day. Unfortunately, many people don't get enough sleep.

Why is sleep so important?

As said earlier, sleep plays an important role in our health condition. Lesser sleep tends to affect our decision making, concentration, memory, mood and also some physiological functions. It is said that individuals with sleep durations far outside the normal range may have serious health problems.

Lack of Sleep Health Consequences:

Make sure to get good quality sleep everyday which helps you to avoid the following health conditions.

Depression- When you didn’t have a habit to consistently sleep well, you become tired, restless and eventually depressed.

Decreased sex life- Because of lack of sleep, you feel tired all the time and results in losing interest in a good sex life.

Pre mature aging- This is the most common condition reported by everyone now. Improper sleeping habit makes your skin look dull and starts looking wrinkled.

Obesity - Sleeping for less than normal range of hours adversely affects the hormones such as ghrelin (appetite stimulant) and leptin (for satiety feeling) which regulates hunger in our body. This can easily lead to weight gain as well.

Other possible conditions include Heart diseases, High blood pressure and Diabetes.

How to have a good sleep?

Some the below practices may help you to have a good sleep.

  • Take a hot water shower to relax your body before you sleep
  • Try to practice yoga or meditation which helps to control your mind, body and soul
  • Make it a habit to hit the bed at the same time every night
  • Drink a glass of warm milk
  • Listen to soft music
  • Count backwards from 100 to 1 (An old school trick!!)
  • Be active at daytime which makes you tired and go to sleep at night

Do I have a problem because of improper sleep?

You might have any of the possible following symptoms if your body doesn’t get required amount of sleep.

  • When you wake up feeling like you didn’t get any rest
  • When you yawn frequently
  • When you have memory problems
  • When you consistently don’t get enough sleep or have poor quality sleep
  • When you find it difficult to stay awake while you’re inactive
  • When you have difficulty paying attention or concentrating
  • When you often look tired
  • When you have a slow reaction time
  • When you have mood swings