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This calculator helps you to calculate your Blood Sugar Level. Normal sugar level before eating (fasting, i.e, Not eating for at least 8 hours) should be less than 100 mg/dL and 2 hours after eating it should be less than 140 mg/dL . In case the blood sugar level after fasting for 8 hours is greater than 126 mg/dl or 2 hours after eating is greater than 200 mg/dl, then you are unhealthy. In that case, your chances are higher for getting Diabetes. The A1C test is a blood test which helps you to know the average of a person’s blood glucose levels over the past 3 months. This test is most commonly used for diagnosis of pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes. It is not recommended for diagnosis of type-1 diabetes or gestational diabetes.

Category A1C(Percent) Fasting Value (mg/dl) Post Prandial (mg/dl)
Pre Diabetes 101 to 126 140 to 200 5.7 to 6.4
Diabetes 126 or above 200 or above 6.5 or