Environmental issues and facts
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Environmental issues and facts

The various factors which constitutes to the addition of environmental issues are given here.

  • Around 90 million barrels of oil is used every day.
  • Around 30 billion tons of Carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere every year.
  • Around 80,000 acres of tropical rain forests are destroyed daily.
  • Around 10 tons of nuclear wastes are generated daily in US.
  • Around 3.1 million children die because of malnutrition and hunger every year.
  • Around 3,60,000 babies are born daily.
  • Around 783 million people do not have access to clean water.
  • Around 10,000 species go extinct each year.
  • Around 2.5 millions of trees are cut down every day.

Big numbers, aren’t they? What’s more worrying is that the above numbers are increasing rapidly every day.

Benefits of Go Green:

There are many potential benefits of Go Green initiative including but not limited to

  • Potentially saving our planet
  • To control the erosion
  • To reduce the pollution
  • Prevent health and environmental problems
  • Improve a nation’s economy by reducing the use of non-renewable energies
  • Reduce emission of green house gases, global warming and in turn reduce the rate of Ozone depletion.