What and why gogreen?
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What and why gogreen?

Go Green. By now, you might have heard this word more too often. Some of you would know it; some even might have participated in many Go Green events conducted by many NGO’s and other organizations. Great. Do not worry if you have no idea about it. This site might be the ideal start for you and your Go Green activities.

When the going gets tough, the tough Go Green. Yes. But it’s never too late to start something good. First, let’s understand what Go Green is, then, we shall see why it is necessary.

What exactly is Go Green?

We’re living in this planet as if we had another one to go. Generally, green is a color which indicates safety. Are we in a greener state now? Not necessarily be in right? But if we do not start taking steps now, soon it will be red.

Go Green is an initiative to save our environment.

What do you mean by steps?

Whatever the little things you do in saving, preserving and cultivating the natural resources would definitely go a long way in putting ourselves in a greener state.

Why should I start and why now?

If you do not start now, your future generation will not have a safer and healthier environment as you had when you were a child. Don’t you think a clean and safe environment is required for your children to be healthy? Or you want your children to ask,

  • Why is our drinking water dirty?
  • Why do I have breathing problems?
  • Where are the trees? I had only seen in the books.
  • Why are the wastes dumped all around our places?
  • And the last one - Why didn’t you understand that being healthy is better than being wealthy?

You probably would not have the answers right. These questions or any information given here is not to scare or to put you off, instead, to make you aware of what’s happening now and what might happen in the future.

This is our planet; we do not have any other place to go.

What can I expect from this site?

Good question to kick start the process. We, as a whole, had taken steps to provide some vital information about the environmental issues, what causing it and what are the possible solutions that you can do without much efforts.

We want you to understand about Global Warming, 3R’s, Pollutions and many other factors which make our planet viable to a potential danger. By knowing that, you would probably be aware yourselves of what to do in order to save our planet.

We only do is to educate and encourage you to take part in this initiative

We do have lots of activities in which you can enroll yourself, your family or even create a group and be a Go Green champion.

We do reward you with points for every activity and award you with the corresponding certificates once you reach the goal.

Still have the question why Go Green?

There are limited resources of everything and more consumption of the same. Even economic growth requires availability of high quality natural resources – air, water and soil. What dominates now is only the waste of these.

A simple but most significant statement should be – Ensure everyone has clean water to drink. If we do not do it now, we will be forced to do it later.