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  • Only logged-in member can take up this challenge.
  • Participant must complete "Go Green Beginner certificate" before taking this challenge.
  • It's all about day to day activities. Make sure to update the details only when you complete a particular activity.
  • Various activities are given below for the challenge and there is no particular order & no time limit to complete it.
  • Once completed, Winners will be awarded with an instant Go Green Champion Certificate.
  • Score details as below,
WATER 20 14
3R'S 35 22
  • By clicking on below buttons you can take up the respective challenge. By default button will be in red color. After clearing the each activities color will change it to green.
  • After completing all the activities. You'll be eligible to download the certificate.

Go Green Champion Certificate is given once your successful completion of all the process. Four different categories are given for evaluation which makes us to contribute something to the society which has so far given us a safer place to live. It is the positive payback time to the environment now. Explained below are the minimum score criteria to win Go Green Champion Certificate.

In Water: You must score a minimum of 14 points for successful completion.

In Electricity: You must score a minimum of 14 points for successful completion.

In 3Rs: You must score a minimum of 22 points for successful completion.

In Plant a Tree: You must score a minimum of 50 points for successful completion.

So the total minimum score t be eligible to win the Certificate is 100.

Participant must be a Go Green Beginner i.e. one should be awarded with Go Green Beginner certificate to take part in Go Green Champion Certification process. This is made keeping in mind that participant must have a thorough knowledge on complete Go green activities..

In order to get the certificate, the user must have been a member of this site for at least three months. This criterion is set because of the time considerations taken in to factor for various tasks given in the certification process to be completed.

Once you successfully complete the quiz, you’ll be prompted to download your certificate instantly. You shall choose to download the certificate at a later time as well.

There is no particular order to be followed to complete the challenge. You shall update the activity you’ve completed even on a daily basis. Once you’d successfully completed any activity, it would be highlighted.

Certificate is valid for your life time. The certificate is not approved by any Government Organizations/Authorities, it shall only be considered as a pride value addition for an individual. The certificate is only given for our site’s users and shall not be valid for any official purposes. This is just an initiative for educational purpose to help and save our environment.