Adhd in children - Diagnosis

There are no specific tests to diagnose ADHD as it has many symptoms similar to other psychological disorders. So if you think that your child has ADHD try speaking to their friends, teachers and close ones. Chances are high that they might have noticed any symptoms or characteristics in your child that is different from how he usually behaves.

Your health care provider may ask you to consult a paediatrician for thorough assessment and understanding of your child’s symptoms and behaviour.

To determine and diagnose ADHD, a health care professional will do some of the following measures. Your doctor may:

  • Ask questions and gather complete information about the symptoms
  • Ask whether the symptoms have caused any significant problems
  • Ask whether the symptoms have been observed in at least two settings, school, home, playground, etc
  • Ask whether the symptoms have persisted for greater than 6 months
  • Ask you to check with your child’s school teacher for any difference in behaviour as they are the ones who would be closely monitoring your child other than you
  • Check your child’s medical history
  • Check your child’s school reports
  • Perform a physical examination to rule out other possible medical causes for the observed symptoms, as a precautionary measure.

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