Fever - Diagnosis

There are many ways to diagnosis fever. It is better to look at the symptoms, because the degree of fever doesn’t tell about how sick you are. They are many to find the source of fever. If you go for doctor then they will ask for the following:

  • How long has the fever lasted
  • What are the other symptoms you noticed
  • Is it getting better or worse
  • Have you started any new medications recently
  • Is there any recent travel
  • Has it come suddenly
  • Any exposures to sick people at work or at home
  • Exposure to animals
  • Sexual history
  • Recent surgeries
  • Any underlying medical illnesses
  • Allergies

After these detailed questions from your doctor, he/she will look for physical examination such as infections and signs of the diseases. Also he will check the blood for white blood cells, and may check the urine or sputum. Other tests that may be done include X-rays, ultrasound, strep throat culture, blood and urine culture, thyroid function tests and stool sample.

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