Hydrocele - Diagnosis

The Diagnosis of Hydrocele is:

Physical examination:

It includes the complete examination of the scrotum – consisting of inspection, palpation, and transillumination.

During inspection, he finds your scrotum will be swollen, but you won’t have pain in that area. The size of the fluid filled sac may increase or decrease by giving pressure to scrotum.


It is the process in which your doctor will pass a light to the scrotum. It usually happens in a dark area where the passed light will shine and light up if the fluid is present in the scrotum. If the scrotal swelling is due to a solid mass (cancer), the light which is passed will not shine through the scrotum.

If the size of the fluid collection changes, then, it is more likely due to an inguinal hernia. Your doctor may apply pressure on the abdomen to check this condition.


It is used to confirm the diagnosis of the hydrocele from tumor or other conditions.

Blood or urine sample:

It is mainly used to check for an infection which is caused due to epididymitis. 

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