Hydrocele - Home Remedies

The home remedies for hydrocele includes:

  • Get rid of toxin which causes hydrocele. A diet which includes a high intake of fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes, peaches, peaches, melons or any other seasonal fruits should be followed for a period of eight to ten days.
  • Plenty of water intake is necessary. Also warm water enema and unsweetened lemon water are also very effective in fighting against hydroceles.
  • After these ten days a balanced diet has to be followed which includes:
    • Breakfast: It should include milk, grated raw carrot and fresh fruit
    • Lunch: It should include steamed vegetables, eggs and baked apple
    • Dinner: It should include whole wheat bread, butter and raw vegetable salad
  • Soaking in a cold water bath taken twice a day may help reduce the size of the swelling.
  • Hot Epsom salt bath once or twice a week is recommended.
  • Fresh air, outdoor exercise, sunbathing should be undertaken.
  • Avoid consuming of coffee, alcohol and strong teas, as well as condiments and pickles.


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