Hemorrhoids - Symptoms

Bleeding during bowel movements, itching, and rectal pain are the most common hemorrhoid symptoms. Other signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids may include:

  1. Painless bleeding during the bowel movement (often bright red on the toilet paper or on the outside of the stool)
  2. Anal pain, especially during or after bowel movements
  3. Anal itching or burning
  4. Swelling and also a lump at the anus are something related with an inflamed hemorrhoid.
  5. There may be the leakage of feces.

Internal hemorrhoids

Most common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids include rectal bleeding. Also you can see bright blood on the toilet paper and bowel. It may also be seen on the stool surface. Itching mainly due to leakage of mucus on the anus can irritate the skin. Also, the straining pushes the internal hemorrhoids through the anal opening called as protruding or prolapsed hemorrhoid which mainly causes pain, discomfort and irritation.

External hemorrhoids:

It may behave differently since they are covered by regular skin and pain fibers associated with them. Rectal pain is the main symptom. Blood may collect under the skin, forming a hard, painful lump. It also results in blood during bowel movement.

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