Thyroid - Symptoms

Depending on the severity of hormone deficiency, the symptoms may vary accordingly.  It usually develops slowly such that you may not realize that you have thyroid disease. As days goes on, you will notice symptoms such as fatigue and weight gain. As it goes longer, more obvious symptoms may start to develop.

Symptoms may include:

1.    Weight gain
2.    Hair loss
3.    Coarse and dry hair
4.    Constipation
5.    Intolerance to cold temperatures
6.    Puffy face
7.    Slowed heart rate
8.    Irregular periods or heavy periods
9.    Decreased libido
10.   Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
11.   Pain or swelling in your joints
12.   Impaired memory

Age factor:

Children & teens:

Symptoms in children and teens are similar to as that of adults but some other symptoms they may experience include are as follows:

1.    Slower growth and development.
2.    Puberty starting earlier than normal.
3.    Poor mental development.
4.    Development of permanent teeth will be delayed.


Mostly thyroid disease occurs only for middle-aged and older people. But it do affects the infants sometimes. Babies do born without thyroid glands. For some infants with a gland, it won’t work properly. They may have the following symptoms as follows;

1.    Results in frequent choking 
2.    Do have a large and protruding tongue
3.    Puffy face.
4.    Poor muscle tone
5.    Constipation
6.    Excessive sleepiness

If thyroid disease not treated:

The disease become worse which will lead to myxedema (called as coma). 

Symptoms of myxedema include:

1.    Body temperature will become lower.
2.    Mental processes will be dulled.
3.    Congestive heart failure.

Later symptoms of an underactive thyroid include:

1.    A slow heart rate
2.    Hearing loss
3.    Anaemia
4.    Thinned or partly missing eyebrows
5.    A low-pitched and hoarse voice

If hyperthyroidism is not treated properly, a life-threatening complication called thyroid storm (extreme over activity of the thyroid gland) may occur.  So it is recommended to consult the doctor immediately for healthy living.

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