ADHD in children - Treatment

After the diagnosis, your doctor may suggest treatment methods for your child to manage ADHD more effectively. This will help them to lessen the problems that they face in day to day life. Some of the most common treatment options are behaviour therapy and medications.

Behavioural therapy:   In this, the goal is to help your child learn to control his or her own behaviour. Parent’s role in this therapy is very much important. They need to actively participate in this treatment plan so that the child can successfully overcome the problems.

Sometimes, it is common and natural that you may feel helpless or irritated with your child’s behaviour. This is the reason why parents are also given training to teach and guide their children.

What can you do to help your child in behavioural therapy?

Following are some of the useful tips you can do to help your child with ADHD to overcome the problems.

  • Engage them in regular physical activities
  • Give them good & healthy foods
  • Encourage your child to manage and control their symptoms
  • Set goals and give rewards even if they lose
  • Praise them for every small amount of progress
  • Teach self-control methods
  • Create a routine for them
  • Always talk to them positively


There are several medications available to manage ADHD. Research has shown that medication is more effective when combined with behavioural therapy. Parents should understand that not every child responds well to the medications immediately. Some may start to get better in a week, some in a month and others even longer. Parent’s care and support plays a huge role in this treatment as well.

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