Appendicitis - Treatment

Appendectomy is suggested if you have appendicitis. It is the surgery to remove your appendix. Only a few doctors suggest antibiotics for milder case of appendicitis. It is always better to have the inflamed appendix removed as soon as possible. If you suspect you have appendicitis, contact your doctor immediately to avoid further worsening of the condition.


IV antibiotics should be given before surgery. Appendix is often removed through Laparoscopic (keyhole) Surgery. It is the minimal invasive procedure where small ‘keyhole’ sized incisions are made. The surgeon then inserts a thin tube into the abdomen with a camera and a light attached to it to remove the appendix.

After removing the appendix, the incisions will be closed using dissolvable stitches. Blood loss is minimal and the recovery time is quicker in this procedure rather than the traditional (open) surgery method.

Open surgery is advised if your appendix has already ruptured. In this case, your doctor may need to clean the abdominal cavity as well.

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