Back Pain - Treatment

Treatment for lower back pain depends on the patient's symptoms and the type and severity of pain. With the help of the physical examination and the test results, if any, your doctor may suggest some treatment methods. If your pain is normal, then you should be normal with some good rest at your home.

In some cases where the pain is severe, your doctor may immediately prescribe some pain killers to counter the pain and then analyze further for any treatments if required.

If you’re young; medication, physiotherapy, and some injections – all these may help you for a temporary solution and then your doctor may advise you to do some specific back exercises daily. It should help you to relieve your pain and also help in not getting the pain again. 

If you’re old and have severe pain even in doing normal activities, your doctor may suggest some surgery methods for you.

Did you know? Increasing your upper body power (arm power) may help you in reducing the stress you give your back while lifting something.

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