Throat Cancer - Treatment

Treatment for throat cancer depends on the severity of the condition. Treatment will be based on your personal preferences and the doctors strive to save the patient's capacity to eat and talk normally. All the treatment options are given below.


Few surgery options are available based on the extent of your cancer. Sometimes the cancer cells are completely removed. If the cancer is in an advanced stage, a surgery is done to relieve you from pain. All these operations are done whilst you are asleep under sedation.


Chemotherapy is a drug to kill the cancer cells. In the advanced stages of cancer, it helps to shrinks the cancerous cells. Radiation with chemotherapy helps to prevent the cancer cells from multiplying. It is very much advised if the cancer has started to spread to other areas of the body.

Radiation therapy:

In Radiation therapy, high-energy rays are used to deliver radiation to the cancer cells to kill them. This therapy is wildly adopted for the early stages of cancer. And again, for advance staged cancers, this may be used to relieve you from the pain.

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