Sepsis - Treatment

If you are diagnosed with sepsis, doctor will suggest for treatment immediately. Early treatment helps to avoid further worsening of the condition.  In severe sepsis cases, the doctors will first try to keep the vital organs working and prevent a drop in blood pressure.

As most cases of sepsis are caused by bacterial infection, the doctors use antibiotics to treat them. This is applicable for milder cases or at the early stages of sepsis.

People with severe sepsis are usually treated in the hospital intensive care units. They may require several days or even weeks of treatment to cure the infection. Intravenous fluids will be given along with the antibiotics to fight the infection.

In some cases:

  • Dialysis might be required in case the kidneys are affected.
  • Oxygen might be given if the levels are low to assist breathing


Surgery may be required to remove the sources of the infection. It includes removing the infected or damaged tissue, collecting the pus, etc.    

Do you know? If sepsis is not treated, it may lead to sepsis shock and then the person may even die.

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