Kidney stones - Types

Kidney stones mostly constitutes of four types. When we know the type of the stone, it may help us to prevent the recurrence of it.

Calcium-Oxalate Kidney Stones:

As the name depicts, it is formed of Calcium or Oxalate which is the most common form of kidney stones. This can be due to high level of Calcium or Vitamin D, Oxalate levels in the body. Many fruits, vegetables and healthy food items too contain a fair amount of Calcium or Vitamin D. So, please check with your doctor once before making any dietary changes.

Uric Acid Kidney Stones:

Chances of Uric Acid stones are around 10%. Uric acids main constituents are animal proteins such as red meat. Hereditary plays a major role in the formation of these stones. Lesser intake of high-protein foods must help to prevent these types of stones

Struvite Kidney Stones:

Struvite stones constitutes around 5 – 8% of total kidney stones. Urinary tract infections are the major cause behind these stones. Out of all the stones, Struvite stones can be quite large and cause obstruction for urine passage.


Cystine stones are very rare and mostly due to hereditary. These stones are mostly soluble and can be prevented from recurrence. 

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